A Misty, Mark Medical Thriller (You Can't Go Back Book 1)

A Misty, Mark Medical Thriller (You Can't Go Back Book 1)

“Great read!!!! Highly recommend. A little bit of everything…”

Like Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles characters,

Drs. Misty Carrel and Mark Quinn seem to have a nose for crime – without even looking! Misty is a no-nonsense surgeon that you don’t ever want to tell, “you’re just a woman” or you may end up on the floor. Her husband, Mark, is an exceptionally insightful, if introspective and timid, ER doc.

Murders of tourists to their city is skyrocketing. Misty and Mark grow suspicious when they notice all that carnage is flowing only through the dark morgue of their own hospital. Is it somehow related? Is there a psychopathic serial killer loose in their city…or, worse yet, in their hospital? When they start digging into their suspicions, it may turn out that they are only digging their own graves when a mob hitman puts them in his crosshairs!
For the reader who likes action-packed murder thrillers full of quirky personalities.

Can a couple of doctors survive the attacks of cold-blooded killers?